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This project's intention was to deliver an open source framework for virtual (model) railroads that are based on VRML/X3D and especially on the network sensor concept of the Web3D consortium (please refer to

The main goals of this project were the gain of know how and the experimental implementation of the SRR Framework (Simulated Railroad Framework).

A future intention could have been to migrate the base module of the SRR Framework from the application layer downwards to the Web3D Browser (we call this idea SMUOS/C3P – Simple Multiuser Online Scenes/Collaborative 3D Profile -, please refer to the SMUOS Project ( for further information).

This project was developing two items of "soft"ware:

  1. The concept SrrTrains (please refer to the Concepts' Descriptions)

  2. The experimental SRR Framework (a set of X3D prototypes – pls. refer to Sourceforge Download),
    which is a central item of software within the context of the concept SrrTrains.
    However, it may be imagined the SRR Framework could be useful for other use cases, too.

Important Note: This project has been CLOSED after it was HIBERNATING, after it had reached the main goals.

Reached Goals:

Missed Goals:

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