The Simulated Railroad Framework Project

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Project Follow Up

Last Update: 2018-01-20

The SRR Framework is developed in steps.

The original project SrrTrains v0.01 established the goal to release version v0.01 with the Step 0100 (probably in year > 2012).

This goal has not been abandoned, however, the project was hibernating for a long time and we are now expecting step 0100 for earliest beyond 2020.

Some cross-cutting concerns

are followed up independently from the "steps".

X3D Player Support

Please refer to the Current Interworking Matrix.

Authoring Support

Python Scripts for Blender are envisioned but not yet planned.


The file tree contains two directories

that hold some .txt files with additional information and are kept up to date continuously.

Steps 0001 - 0032 (historic)

Step 0033 "Re-Design after 1st LAN Party" (ongoing)

Support more X3D players and servers, rework the SRR Framework from step 0032 completely (discuss concepts within the community), adopt console interface for basic vehicle cab

Step 0033.01 – "Initiate Project X" (done)

Step 0033.02 – "Module Coordinator" (done)

Step 0033.03 – "Dynamic Modules" (done)

Step 0033.04 – "Basic SRR Objects for Static/Intrinsic Models" (done)

Step 0033.05 - "Modularity and Train Manager Module" (done)

Step 0033.06 – "Preps for Rail Vehicles and Trains" (done)

Step 0033.07 – "Web Spaces" (done)

Step 0033.08 – "Rebase to SMUOS" (done)

Step 0033.09 – "Preps for Rail Vehicles and Trains II" (done)

Step 0033.10 "Pieta" (done)

Step 0033.11 „Rail Vehicles and Trains“ (ongoing)

Step 0100 - „SrrTrains v0.01“ (beyond 2020)

Pending Features, Change Requests, Ideas and User Stories

"Finish New Concept Paper" / "Improve Input for SPARK Project"

"LAN Party #3"

"Handover and Bumpers"

"Coupling and Collisions"

"Basic Interlocking (1900's)"

"Banks'n Cuts"

"Body Language"

"Cars'n Pedestrians"

"Synthetic Voice"

"Application of X3D Earth"